Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I have to walk outside to see if I can breathe.

And finally , pictures transferred into comp.

Daddy have been using the comp lately
to check his latest football update and betting thing
and so , everynight he have been using my comp
and I have to fb with my phone and so.

Btw, I just paint my nails aqua blue
and the colour is awesome.
5bucks elianto nail polish ftw :D

Okay, why so random .

Pictures from monday .

I wonder how she eat her ice cream when people wanna pierce her ear with the freaking gun.Doesn't she feel stress at all :o

Yes, note the pinkish part and trust me, it hurts like omgwtfbbq and I acted like it doesn't hurt a tiny bit so that Sook would go and pierce her third piercing.Well, honestly..IT HURTS LIKE MADCOW D: I can't even sleep properly, damn sad D:

Really , okay!

I can only lie on the left side of my ear
if i do it on the right side , I think I may die of pain.
I ate pain killer for that , how stupid D:

So today , there's some small outing/meet up
or whatever it's called with Kevan , Yuhung & Mingli.
Bumped into quite alot of people , as usual.
Oh well , Sunway Pyramid ftw :D

Lunch at Sakae ,

I mixed everything into a cup.
Wasabi , soya sauce and everything
and end up, it looks like green tea milk shake or something.

Laughed , bond like mad.

Oh before I continue ,

Yuhung's present :D

I purposely take picture and post it up here
because he keep telling me he took a long time
to wrap it himself and although it's ugly
but he put alot of effort inside and blablabla.

Okay la , yuyu . I love it , okay :D

Damn cute, can (;
Lower down your expectation la kay , it's from a guy .

Yes, he gave me a bag.
& how I wish it's real .

Improve your handwriting , yuyu .


Believe it or not ,
I took out it slowly like some girly kind of girl
which is scared to hurt the wrapper or something.
Normally, I will just tear it and destroy it
like some tiger and no, you're not imagining that.

I love it so much (;

Oh ,

Baskin Robins!

and then Karate kid @3pm .
(P.S yes I know I damn potong)

The show was okay.
And it was kinda long tho
and it was freezing cold in the cinema.

I have a very bad habit which is
annoy people beside me by talking to them
and trying to guess every scene till
they ask me to shaddap );

I threw popcorns to the people sitting infront.
LOL! They turned back and trying to find who threw it.
Okay , SHHHHH :D

And toilet break .

Walk around aimlessly.
Then everyone went back and I went shopping alone.

Sigh , that's a very wrong choice .
I spend so much and I feel so broke right now.
460bucks gone and I really dont know what did I buy.


Freaking feminine dress but too bad , it's too pretty for me.

And before I go ,

Can die TT

Bought a floral dress which cost a hole in my pocket.
Well , I already know that the next time I wear it.
The boys will call me a curtain again.
But really, what's wrong with the curtain design!
It's like so curtain-ish and nice okay! ish.

And I bought a very cute light pink leopard print
dress from Cache Cache and it's the last piece :D:D

The people there are really friendly!
I am so gonna go back there ,
if.. I have the money and I have no idea
why that brand is so expensive TT
But the clothes there are so "si man"

'Si Man' means polite , or very decent.

I guess it's worth it .

Meet up with a friend for awhile.
Then come home and emo,
don't ask why .