Friday, June 11, 2010

But drenched in vanilla twilight.

How I wish I could always stay that way .

Have you ever feel like , everyone who is so close to you is a stranger to you now? And feel like , you don't belong to their world anymore for forgetting and not remembering the memories you had before? It feels like , you're like a little kid lost in a city and you look around , you couldn't find someone to lead you where you should be.Just because you walk out from the memories to reality , people chose not to let you look back and feel who are you , who are you used to be.They hide things from you , and maybe twist a little story and you wouldn't because you couldn't remember any.single.thing.

This may sound fake and ridiculous for someone to forget the most important things in their life but really , I deserve to know and to understand what the hell happened although I don't remember.I deserved to know , and have a chance to start all over again.How can I move on with my life when I don't even know where do i come from or where to go. I really deserved to know.And now I feel so lucky that I am a blogger.At least , my blog can tell me what are my memories and what the hell happen to me , last time.

Everyone told me 'that person' is my life, my everything and till now, I have no idea what is happening between me and that person.And you people said , he would help me. But end up, he is just talking to himself because I never understand and do not know what happened. How was that suppose to help me and lead me , or whatever it should be? ): I feel so dumb and lost . Especially when people tell me , answer me with disappointment. it's not what I want to kay, why could you people understand.

I am so tired .