Thursday, December 31, 2009

There's a line between us , are you gonna cross over now ?

Hello , it's the last day of 2009 already and yes, I know it sound damn cool.But, it's not end of the world yet so,I'll still be as annoying as ever =p

Year 2009 have started really well and yeah , there're ups and downs and upside down.I don't know how to explain that but everyone do have hard times to go through, especially in high school.Met alot of new people , they come and go.Received alot of text messages stating : forget the sad times and everything.Well tell me , how could you forget it when it's like sticking inside your mind.Okay friends, don't get angry.I'm just saying the truth *innocent face*

I'm so glad that everything will be a history for me when the clock strikes twelve.Not I don't appreciate memories that I've been through with everyone that I've spend time with.Just that sometimes, it's not worth it at all. Everyone will have their own thoughts.I think I'm right , they think they're right but end up,we realise all of us were wrong.We were too piss to think , to picture the whole thing but what is done is done. We couldn't do anything about it anymore but just move on with life .

I've nothing much to talk about, this year.It makes me so speechless about everything that I've been through.

Nothing much and ,
Happy New Year's eve.

30 December 2009

31 December 2009.

Don't ask me why nowadays I always camwhore with my tongue sticking out :)

I didn't realise till people told me about it. I feel so good laughing with you people about it.I swear , she didn't even came across my mind when I was typing that post because I thought everything it's over and we've moved on and do not care about each other life.She may made a fool out of herself but , it actually proves that she gives a shit bout' what i'm thinking inside.Hmm, or I should agree with you guys that actually,she's like admitting it when she's denying from the start.I get the laughing point already , friends. LMAO , should I be grateful that she actually gives a shit or what?

What do you think , friends ? =p