Sunday, October 4, 2009

I can stay by your side and do nothing for hours because it doesn't really matter as long as we know that we will be there for each other .

2 days to PMR and I'm still here, sitting infront of the computer
And, ytd I was out to Ja'far with Xuelin round' 1am .
Back around 4am , OHMYGOD and noone know I was out :)
I sneaked out of the house , just for the sake of meeting Xuelin.
Babe , you better feel better after all the complainings.

Shisha-ed after er, how many months?
Been a good girl for little while , not anymore after PMR.
Do you know that , it's only 12bucks at Ja'far
and 25bucks in Tarbush then 33 at Naeb .
The prices is really really different .

Really have a great time with Xuelin last night.
KOed around 5am.

Woke up around one today and I did lots of work.
Almost finished all of them tho , will continue them tmr.
And shit, PMR is just 2 days away .
I don't wanna say byebye to 7As T________T

Will skipping school tomorrow .
To "study" at home?

Have been saving some picture quotes,
I found it cool , wtf .

This picture quote reminds me of ZhiWei
and I miss her so much .
We have not been talking for almost a week D:
Where are you ? stupid bitch :(

True, this feeling sucks .
And, I am feeling it now .
Sigh, what to do ? *lower lips*

Random Random.

I googled it , just for fun.
Anything wrong with that ?

PMR briefing on Tuesday and I don't feel like going to school
but it's a must, no?

The number of me looking into the mirror have been decreasing
because of my terrible haircut and I don't wanna remind myself
how terrible it was and I'll never go back to the same saloon again.
hmph! I look into the mirror for 2094730295720 times a day
because my very oh-lovely-adorable-spammers ask me to.
Do you love me now? for, listening to you : )

I wanna redye my hair so badly.
It's like the top is black and the edge of it , is dark brown.
It's so freaking weird , especially under the sun.
8 days till PMR ends and YAY, fireworks anyone?

Can't wait to hang out with people that I've promise.
And, I will make it with everyone of you .
Just that...I need more cash =D

Shopping at Bangsar, anyone?

Why am I so excited when PMR is not over yet -,-'
I just can't wait can't wait can't wait :D

My best friend told me that ,
She's scared.

And, my best friend is..myself .

I asked her , why and she gave me a question mark too.
Do you want to help her to find out why ?
I think she doesn't have the guts to think bout it, at all
but now , she's still standing strong.
You , jealous much ? *shows tongue*

Carmen says , "Just go lick the floor"

Carmen Lim Kah Mun <3