Monday, December 14, 2009

I'll slow it down for you .

I know that picture above is damn lala.
I went 'eeeeeeeeeeeeee' when I first look at it.
It's here because I love my fedora and yes,
I finally got a fedora *jumps around*
Wait , cannot clearly see my fedora also , wtf.

And, it's with Bryan now .
I miss it so much .

Bryan , you better take care of my baby.
I mean , You MUST.

Didn't have time to blog about things , lately.
I mean , I didn't have the mood and time.
Since I'm gonna stay at home the whole day today so yeah.

Let's start from

December 11, Friday

Was out with XuehQi .
And , she finally decided to shisha back after so long
but I guess , she doesn't want to shisha anymore.

Went to bought fries , to face shop then Tarbush.
Each pipe each person. 33BUCKS one pipe.
whatdaheck , so bloody expensive already .

Then chs people came along , stayed for awhile.
Left tarbush , then we spilt up with them.

To Forever 21 and ,

fishbaaaall face.

i likey .
cos , xuehqi's pose reminds me of gee gee geee wtf.

Then walk around , said bye to each other around 6 or later.
Just a simple hang out and i like it : )

December 12 , Saturday

GRANDOTER&I's signature pose .
They called me , Harry Potter : )
but , i'm too stupid wtf.

Was supposed to meet up around 1130am
but then, I was slow so xuehqi came late for me.
Met up with XiuMing & Xuelin at the main entrance
Then , we headed to

That place is so blooooody adorable lor.

The boys didn't wanna step in the place
because they think it's lala .
Where got lala !

Ordered and started camwhoring . : )

QiiQii : )

Don't ask me why , Xuelin always wanna pinch my cheek.

XiuMing : ) and my fedora !

i look so ugly.

The price there is really reasonable .
Plus , the atmosphere is so lovey dovey .
Pay more also nevermind la , wtf .

Was laughing our ass off at the place.

Xuelin ter-poked XiuMing's eye .
And , we started singing with 'somebody call 911.."
then we get so loud and someone stopped us
and who the hell is that? GRR.

Cynthia came after so looooooooong.
blame the traffics.

After the food then we went to camwhore everywhere.
Those harry potter look-alike glasses cuaght my attention
and now , I feel like buying it. It's 30bucks .

XiuMing <3

so sampat , omg TT

I likey 3 of it . xD

cyn !

there's this little shop outside , selling stuffs.
As in , very very very very very very very cute stuffs .

okay , my face is too big -.-

Then met up with the boys outside
and headed to asian avenue for cyn's bubble tea.

headed to tarbush to shisha , as usual .
Spend most of the time there .
Yenlin and friends was there too.
TwoApple Flavored .

Can you believe that this girl is 17 years old ?

Our look alike purse and the strawberry from xuehqi : )

camwhore .

XiuMing left around 3 something.
Xuelin left after awhile .

Then, we went to look for Mahathir and Terence .
Couldn't stand the heat outside
so Cynthia and I went back in.

Idk how we ended up in the pool centre .
Okay , i'm a noob -.-
At least, I admit right wtf .

Went back around 6something
and I thought I'm gonna have dinner buffet at some cool place
but end up, plan failed . GRR.

I really have fun with you girls : )

December 13, Sunday

Mummy woke us all up around 5.30am.
Got ready by 630am then headed off to johor
for idkwhat reason , then headed to malacca .
I was sleeping the whole way through the journey.
I didn't even get enough sleep that night , ftw.

Reached Afamosa resort around 3pm
and decided not to go to the safari since
it's gonna close around 5pm -.-

Okay , I couldn't deny that the journey was so screwed up
but , what to do -.-

Brother camwhoring : )

chicken rice balls .

very kawaii keychains : )

don't ask , ftw.

strawberry flavored : )

This post took me bloody long and idk why.grr.

But before i go ,

'Let's play hide and seek'
'But , I can't find you and you know it'
'But, I can find you'
'Where do you think I will hide'
'In my heart'

awwwwwwwwwwwwww .
bloody hell, just say it . xD

"Are you crazy?You called me in the middle of the night just to say hi? "
"No. I just wanted to hear your voice"


okay , i'm out : )