Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ring Ding Dong

Was out on Monday , 7th December .
A very last minute thing , for me.

Reached there around 12pm or later.
Met up with the people , headed to tgif
to celebrate people's birthday .

Mac&Cheese is yummy .

Mahathir drank the chilli sauce
and it was suppose to be a joke or prank
but then, he was too stupid
and he drank it with a straw -.-

And those desserts were adorablely cute :)

Very artistic picture , wtf .

Left the place and we , girls headed to the toilet
to pee , camwhore and all those .
We seriously have a very long time in there.
The boys patiently waited outside .
Got potential to be good boyfriends, wtf .

Started off with grandoter : D

Then people joined in , after they comb their hair
or wash hand or something something -.-

I look bloody retarded , omg .

My favourite : )

Was suppose to watched movie and those.
But ended up in redbox .

Shouted like crazy in redbox .
People fighting for remote controls
and some people skip people's song.
Sigh , tht's not fun at all !

They skipped my song
and I sing like some angel okay . wtf -.-

Jean Ong Ching Ching.
I like the Ching Ching, sound very expensive LOL

Kahming .

Prasad =D

Don't so itchy hand , turn it . because it look better like this =D

Birthday boy : D

Mahathir danced and shaked like some crazy fella.
KahMing shouted like craaaaazy.
Prasad and I was fighting for the mic.
And idk who skipped my song. GRRR.

aw , so loving : )

3hours or more in redbox.
There's still a list of song to go but unfortunately,
not enough time so yeah .

Spilt with the people.
Went to the digital place with XiuMing & Jean.
Look around for stuff .

Then , XiuMing left.
Jean and I walked to the pooling place there
to meet the others up then headed to mamak
for dinner. Yes, cheap and nice : )

Then headed to Naeb , to shisha .
Two Apple <3<3<3<3

boys left .

Only XuehQi & I left .
Sat at starbucks to chitchat,
walked back to my place and continued .
She left around 12am.

I am done :)

xo .