Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Say hello then goodbye .

Feeling sick today .
Having a major sorethroat and stuff .

People ,
stop rushing me for the update
because I've no idea where to start
and I need to think which picture should be posted up
and all those so yeah , stop rushing .
It's blooding annoying .

But before that , there's a few pictures.

trust me , I wasn't drunk but they assumed that I was.

solomon =p

Yeap , you can check out the others in facebook.

I was happy just now
but then, my mood was ruined .
I feel like fighting back but, I don't want to.
Well , it's not worth it anyhow .

I feel so mad now , for a stupid reason .

Anyhow , I introduced my new love to Solomon&YuHung
and both of them insulted him . Grr , how could they.
But , it doesnt matter as long as i like =p

MiNam : So hard only I got this favorite star of mine , I won't let it go no matter what.
TaeKyung : Of course because this star only shine for you .

awww .

I think I better go now .
Nights .