Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't feel sorry .

Everyone have rights to speak out on everything and anything.I know I don't have rights to stop people saying , bitching , gossiping about anything that have to do with me but, I just wanna ask those people who have stabbing a knife at my back , Don't you people feel ashame and guilty at all spitting those fake stories out of your mouth? When I ask about it, you can give me that innocent looks and push the blames to other people who told you but, you did say it too so why are you people pushing it to another person.In other words , why are you being a coward infront of me while you're so brave blabbering everything behind my back?

Sometimes people are too lazy to think about everything so I wonder , what are their brains for ?Before making any conclusions, please think twice.You just know a little bit then you make conclusions already.Well before that , go get the whole story first. If not, throw your brain in the drain.

Feel offended ?

Well, what can you do about it ? :)

xxxxxxxxxo .