Thursday, December 10, 2009

You're the perfect lullaby .

It's 3:24 am now .
The post should be on 11th of December
but I changed the date , I've no idea why.
I think I will be updating again , soon .

I can't sleep D:

I know the plaster is damn cute .
Unfortunately, I'm out of it already .
Will be getting it in Pyramid 'tomorrow'.

A huge pimple grew and it's too ugly
so I stick a plaster on it and of course,
the plaster be very cute la!
I'm not gonna stick the normal one,
it's so ugly and sticky .

All by myself : )

Went out around 11pm or later just now, to Klang.
To have supper for Grandma's birthday .
Before that , have the cake celebration at home .
Waited for an hour or less for the food .
Back home around 2am or later .

I feel so weird updating twice a day
but , I seriously feel like typing about something in my blog.

I signed in to nuffnang just now
and my visitors dropped like crazy when I don't update.
And , it's getting better these few days already.
Visitors , please don't go away D:
and welcome back , wtf .

I think I better go now .

I have a date with my grandoter ,LeeXuehQi later :)
and I'm buying her potatoes , wtf :)


nah, give you xoxo :)