Tuesday, December 15, 2009

River Flows Into You.

I was trying my best to make things turn back to the same again but you break me down , again and again.I thought if I wouldn't give up on you in everything , every way then you would do the same too but it seems like I'm wrong , really wrong.But, why would you wanna give up on me so fast? You were the one I first think of when I'm happy or down.I want to tell you everything but you seems like pushing me away then make us grew further away from each other.You always hurt me by reminding me the pain and scars you gave me.You always forced me to accept the facts when I don't want to.You made me feel the wrong way when you're not suppose to.

You owned me.You can make me break down in my knees so easily.You can make me cry myself to sleep everynight.You're so good at it.You always do it when I need you the most.Don't you notice it ? I don't wanna make things clear , sometimes because I thought you will slightly get it but then , no.

Isn't it obvious yesterday ?
Can't you see , I was begging you ?

I really need you , last night
but then, you break me down like you always do .

: (