Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saranghaeyo means I love you .

I'm so glad that my comp is 'alive' again.
My uncle said he's gonna charge me for the next time,
I screw it up -.-

Have been missing out alot lately
after the fight with family .
I don't think I'm grounded anymore.
So yes , ring me up anytime :D

My ahma said she's gonna ground me forever .
Well, her forever is only er..1 or 2 weeks ?

The other day , I should be going up to Genting
but then, the plan got screwed up and idk why.
I was looking forward to it but then T__T

So we went to some temple -.- to pray.

Brother is my camwhore buddy now : D

Jasper Lim Tng Hong.

The adorable freak down there , is very annoying.
Wake me up from my sleep everytime -.-

Freaking cute lor !

otw to idk where .

No , I didn't teach him that pose . =p

Went for seafood dinner around 6pm.

Promised Jasper to bring him to cinema so yeah.
Went pyramid around 9.30pm.
Got tickets for new moon, again since sis wanna watch it.

Went to arcades then McD.

Shop close one by one and it's freaking cool to have the
whole shopping mall yourself .
You can sing out really loud .
Camwhore with everything : D

Friends , let's do that!
Okay , don't gimme the look xD

Went home around 3am .

I have something to do everyday .
At least , for this week . I'm very occupied .
So , anything up next week ?
I can accompany you :)

I rather be out than stoning at home .

When you have nothing better to do right ,
you'll think about alot of things and those
and it's not good .

Went to renew passport today .
I hate waiting !

We went for lunch at McD's then go to school,
then go back and it's still not our turn! wtf!
Well , the new school uniform sucks!
I feel damn bad for insulting the orange one , last time.
And now, I feel so grateful when I see the new one.

Will update soon : )
Since my comp is baaaaaaaack xD

'Best Friend',
Thank you for backstabbing me , telling my personal things to others , creating conflicts between me and my friends , twisting everyword I've said and then, tell me how much I can count on you , how much you love and care about me in my face .

I love you so much , 'best friend' for doing all that behind my back .

Oops ,Not my back !

Because you're doing it behind every friend's backs of yours!
And we're really proud of you .