Wednesday, October 29, 2014

St Ali

It makes my stomach turn whenever I decided to write a blogpost about Melbourne. I miss that place too much. Their good brunches and coffee , together their relax lifestyle. However, I don't think I'll enjoy 40degrees during summer so I can only love Melb for three seasons. 

There's too many posts I have yet to share here , and I don't want to compile them. Because I think they are that good that each place deserves a post on their own. So, I guess you will get Melbourne food reviews or so from time to time. 

I never knew that the north side of Melbourne will give a different vibe. When I stand on the street, I'll see tall modernise buildings on my right and the old vintage theme shops on the left. The contrast is really huge but they are still pretty. 

The north side of Melbourne actually brings an old school vibe. I love how the shops remind me of old vintage English shops. 

Waiting for the tram.

This is the highlight of the day because this is a MUST visit place compare to the other brunch places or cafes I want to go. I can't believe that I am getting excited to visit a coffee shop. I read the reviews about them saying that they are underrated , and how good their coffee are. After making so much noise, I'm finally here. It's a little far from the city tho.


Beautiful graffiti. 

So I am here, St Ali. 

Many brunch places and good cafes are always located hidden down the street or at the back to the street. It may take us sometime to travel from the place before to St Ali, however I think the journey was worth it. ( I think I need to emphasize on my laziness) I actually walk there without even complaining because I'm really looking forward to visit St Ali. Infact, it's the only place I will choose to go if I can only go one. 

Well, the badge hanging in the middle of the shop stating St Ali Family ; I guess they want the guest to make it feel like everything is home , to feel comfy and cosy. 

You did the right job, St Ali. 

Not a new concept , but still loving how they make the menu looking like a newspaper. 

The quality of paper was superb lol.

Hi, that's me acting cute with the menu. 

Look at how old school the things are. Instead of giving us glass bottles filled with water, we have a jug :p

The waitress was kind enough to assist of what beans I should choose for my choice of coffee. So I chose black beans for my Flat White while the other cup was cappucino. 

the best coffee I had in Melbourne is here. 

St Ali's coffee is the best for me , compared to all the other place I've tried. 

Was so happy that I insist to take picture with the badge , lol. 

Oh well, insta purpose.

Yes, I was really happy that evening.

St Ali serve brunch too but we just had our brunch at Auction Rooms so, we are too filled for any food. I should have order something to try. I'm fill with regrets nao TT

It's really comfortable to sip on a cup of good coffee, having the sun and the cold weather all together. It may fine doing this alone but better if you have a great companion. 

Definitely a lovely afternoon. 

Bring me back to St Ali, please .