Thursday, October 9, 2014

Calanthe Art Cafe.

This is one of the cafe I visited in Melaka , and this deserves an individual post because everything is too vintage. I could see that there is alot of effort being put in in this cafe, where the theme revolves around Malaysia before and after independence. 

Calanthe Art Cafe,
where is located at the famous Jonker Street. 

It was a little difficult for us to find this place until we had to waze it. It didn't really much attract any attention with their low profile exterior. I'm so glad we found it. Can you believe that 9 of us was walking under the sun for this? 

I need to show you pictures of their interior which is a 100% Malaysian themed or based. I'm so proud of this place because they have our country as their theme while other cafes I've visited actually go more to western style. This place deserves ten thumbs up!

Look at the effort just by a corner. 

They didn't use wallpapers, it's really hand painted! 

This is a whole heritage themed. 

You can even have your coffee here ; god, this gives me so much of feels I cannot explain. 

Look at the tv!

I ordered Green Tea Flavoured Coffee , which represent Perlis .

Have I mention that their different types of coffee are categorized with the 13 states we have in our country?

Besides of stating the origin of how they get the beans to brew the coffee, they also remind us that we also have our local coffee beans which is in high quality. It took us quite sometime to think which state to choose from and some of us chose the state where our hometown is. For me, I am a 100% KL origin so I chose depending on the flavour.

I was surprised with the mixture of green tea and coffee , and it tasted really good. This combination may be weird, but definitely worth the try. 

Not to mention that the floral cup gives more girly vibe , lol.

Affogato , which represent Pahang if I'm not mistaken. 

It's definitely a yes when you have two best things combined - which is vanilla ice cream and espresso! 

I'm sorry that I couldn't snap the others because my mates drank it too fast. All of us were too excited with the kinds of coffee they offered. Even non-coffee lovers were surprise with their way of handling the orders. 

I can't deny that their theme and interior is the one that catch our attention. I didn't try out their local delights because we were heading for our dinner shortly after. 

This place is really beautiful. And I think, this cafe is definitely a good place for tourist. It doesn't only introduce our country indirectly, and it also shows the love towards our own country. It represents how people used to live back then. It is all about vintage. I guess, this cafe is the best in town. #powerMalaysian woohoo !

Besides of the beautiful environment, the coffee is good with reasonable price. Their food also have good reviews online. It's a pity how they do not get as much attention as they deserve. I seriously can't wait for this place to be famous, and allow more tourist to know about this place in heritage town. 

No one would actually think that Melaka has such place , right?

Before anything ,

is it true? hmm.

I think it's enough for today, and I hope I've shown how in love I am with this place. 

I don't usually do this but here is the address : -

Calanthe Art Cafe
11 Jalan Hang Kasturi, Melaka
T: (06) 292 2960