Friday, October 17, 2014

Wood and Steel.

This is a definitely overdue post because it's way back before my Melbourne trip. 

There are too many new cafes around and I don't ought to miss out anyone of them. I admit that I blog about some cafes half-heartedly just to introduce them to you readers. But I did emphasize on those that are special. On the fairer note, I thought that it's special thus I will definitely describe how good is it. 

Wood and Steel ,
is definitely not a foreign name if you are a cafe hopper. 

Besides serving a good brew and simple food, they also have art galleries on the second floor where you can pay a visit. Perhaps it's going to be a good choice for you to visit Wood and Steel if you appreciate art. I chose my place downstairs because I didn't know there's an art gallery upstairs . lol, and I am too lazy to climb up the stairs. ( you kenot judge me one.) 

The concept of Art Gallery  +  Coffee  + Brunch Meals is very fresh to me. 

You can see pictures of drawings hang on the walls as decoration. I think their furniture are recycle ones which actually shows that they are supporting to save the environment. Overall, it all looks old school. It was really vintage , in a way. 


That's a little possessive. 

This is what I do all the time, especially in cafes. 

Hot Chocolate. 


I always order the same, and it's my favorite coffee.

Salmon Egg Scramble. 

Was a little disappointed about the eggs because they used water instead of milk. The portion of eggs was hearty however a no to the salmon. Garlic on the toast was actually the best among all. 

The other plate was Chicken and Cheese Bruschetta which I think was slightly better. 

They still have room of improvement for the food , but the coffee was great. Not to mention about the environment. They play mostly R&B or Jazz. I really don't get how cafes plays noisy songs. I appreciate EDM but definitely a no no when I want a calm environment with my cup of essential. 

It was just a normal night where I sit down in cafes with a friend. I need more night life like this. Perhaps coffee is a bad idea. Okay, I am not sure if wine or coffee is better. I just want to laze around. Even though I am lazy, I am very dedicated when it comes to my blog. lol. 

but I've got a war in my mind. 

I remember that they were playing Lana Del Rey. 

I recently fell in love with her songs and relate-able lyrics. Do you like her too?