Sunday, October 12, 2014

Auction Rooms.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. 

I agree with this quote. I am not sure what do you categorize Sunday as ; either it's the first day of the week or the last. I do not have a category for it. Often, I change it according to my mood. I usually put it as the last day of the week because I usually laze around on Sunday. I am already lazy enough , and I get even lazier on Sundays. Please imagine that. 

I thought I would be a little more energetic on Sundays when I'm on a holiday , but the lazy roots in me has already grow so deep that I couldn't change the habit anymore. So even when I'm in Melbourne, I have a very lazy Sunday. lol. 

Is it just me or I think Sunday brunch is important? 

We took the tram and travel to the North Melbourne to have brunch because we have all the time in the world. We didn't exactly plan what to do but to just follow the flow , which is something I like. I like impromptu things. 

We ended up at Auction Rooms for brunch , since the other one I wanted to visit is not open. 

It's fullhouse when we step in , and we didn't make any reservations so we waited. I guess Sunday brunch is something essential.

I really love how they have their coffee brew in the middle , allowing everyone to see it. I'm always amazed by how it works because I am curious with the coffee machine. I never wanted to be a barista because I know I can never deal with art. 

Coffee is like art to me because I take it VERY seriously , and I appreciate it a lot more than you can imagine. 

They have open air area and tree growing in the middle out of no where. If this happens in Malaysia, we will be probably feeding mosquitoes or sweat our asses off. 

Most of the people requested this area because it's really comfortable. The weather was a little cold and with the sun shining on you , just make a balance between both. I really don't want to burst your fantasies and imagination but they say Australians have a very high percentage of getting skin cancer world wide due to the UV rays. So , too much sun is no good too. 

Still giving thumbs up for the environment :)

Morning face.

It's 9am Malaysian time , ok! 

Cappucino to start the day . 

I know this just look like another cup of coffee to you. Perhaps you think that it's the same like the one we have here . I don't think I can convince you, but trust me - once you have a sip, you see another world. ( Maybe exaggerating , but it's pretty close to how I feel .)

Brűlée French Toast at 14aud .

It's french toast with sweet based , that taste like Creme Brűlée . One thing special about this dish is, they have bacon wrapped with Blue cheese which spice up. I always think that Bacon couldn't go well with sweet things , that's why I never tried Bacon Ice Cream. The Bacon tasted a little sweet cos' they're stuff with dates. 

Sorry that I couldn't explain this weird combo but I swear it was good. 

Coming to Melbourne make me change my mind about a lot of things that I thought that couldn't come together , is actually better than how traditionally it should be matched. 

Housemade Banana and Walnut Bread with Espresso Butter and Maple Syrup  at 10.50aud 

The hearty amount of walnuts and banana crumbs in the bread made me really happy. Not to mention that the bread was really soft and fluffy. I know that you may think that it's ridiculous to pay so much for two pieces of Banana Bread. The slices were pretty thick. And the maple syrup and espresso-based cream butter made it up. I never thought I would be happy with two slices of bread , lol. 

I recommend this because it's healthy and if you want to eat light. 

We chose toasts as our mains coincidently. And also to eat light if we want to visit other places , lol. 

So happy with this picture , because it looks so pretty! 

candid , lol.

Looking so pale without my lipstick .

That's how I spend the last Sunday of August . It's also Malaysia Independence Day. I may be in Melbourne that time, but I still love my country. My heart lies within the corns please. hahahaha.

till then.

Auction Room 
103-107 Errol StNorth Melbourne VIC 3051