Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hopetoun Tea Rooms.

Besides good coffee in Melbourne, I requested to visit a place that serves good afternoon tea with pretty ambiance. The hotel reviews of afternoon was only fine, and I didn't want champagne high tea. As asian as it sounds, I don't feel like having alcohol in the noon despite it gives a good comfort in the cold weather. 

Before I head for my teatime , we went over to Melbourne Central ;

This is really beautiful. 

This place is just like KL Central back home. It's a good place for shopping because you can actually find all sorts of brands here. 

This is actually what they wanted me to see. Every hour the clock will have some sort of performance , and everyone will snap pictures of it. As a tourist, I'm not going to miss this out. Perhaps it's something to mechanical for anyone to look at, but I appreciate the effort the way they remind us another hour has passed. 

I wonder if we have something like this back here. 

The boys brought me to

Hopetoun Tea Rooms at Little Collins Street. 

You can see the displays of cakes , and it's the main attraction of everything. My orbs enlarged when I see the choices of cakes they offer. 

They told me that they used to queue for an hour to get a sit in Hopetoun and we were really lucky because we only take 10 minutes. We even have a pretty spacious space compared to them whom squeeze together at one corner. 

The interior is definitely an old world charm , bringing me back to the days where how Victorian houses should be like. I love the settings . From the wallpaper to ceiling lights ( which looks like a mini chandelier) to the table settings , everything was really pretty. 

Two different kinds of tea and three cakes for us , since we are both filled from brunch. 

It was a pity that we couldn't get the three tier high tea set which needs booking beforehand. I didn't know that it needs booking so I didn't remind the boys that I wanted that. So, we settled for just cakes. Their scones isn't available since we went there a little late. 

Note that it closes at 5pm ( Melbourne time) . Sometimes, it really frustrates me that everything closes so early , especially the good stuffs. 

White Chocolate Cheesecake. 

I never thought White Chocolate and Cheesecake would actually collaborate well. Chocolate and Cheese always sound ridiculously disgusting to me , but this one was all good. 

When I say something that includes chocolate is good, it must be good because I don't fancy chocolates. 

Chocolate Marquise.

Too much chocolate and I can't handle it.

Lemon Tart.

It's sour , but it blends well with the crust. I don't know how to explain about how good the crust is. It's really rich in egg flavour. They definitely use authentic lemon juice instead of flavouring ones. 

One thing about things in Melbourne, they make things from scratch instead of using flavouring. Thus, the prices does accommodate what they serves. So, I'm always willing to pay despite the price is a little higher ( especially when you convert, you cry blood.)

Our choices of tea were : - Mademoiselle Grey and What a Pear .

One with floral scent and the other with fruit scent to balance up. Personally, I love how Earl Grey tea mix with rose petals thus Mademoiselle Grey is my cup of tea lol. I think teas will never go wrong with rose or lavender scent. 

Sweeth tooth , hm. 

It was a great afternoon. 

From my blog post in Melbourne, you could see how lazy I am. I really only fancy things that includes eating and waste time , lol. 

oh well, 

Mandatory picture to prove that I'm here so tourist shot!