Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Victoria #5 - Brighton Beach.


This is probably going to be a photolog in Brighton Beach.  

The colourful boxes is definitely something not foreign since anyone who is in Melbourne will definitely visit this place, and take lots of pictures. I have a very good excuse because I'm a tourist. :)

Enjoy the pictures.



The sand is really soft. When we just arrive , the sun is still there but after a while , the sky turn cloudy. Noone can ever predict Melbourne's weather.  However, it's still comfortable with the cold sea breeze. I don't even care if I can't smile because my face went stiff. It's really cold at one point, but I ain't moving anywhere ! 

I insisted on sun set!



I didn't pose with the house because it's too mainsteam , lol. 







Trying to wink, lol. 



The sky was pinkish-orange as the sun sets. When it gets darker, it's also colder. 

It's really relaxing to be by the beach with your friends, lying down on the sand. We just need pizza and a bottle of wine to complete this. No music is needed because the waves is the most comforting melody. 



And more pictures with Lilian while lying down on the sand ; when we just lied down on the grass in the noon. 



Loving our smiles in this picture. 


This is definitely candid. We were laughing so hard. 




And I have to collage some of the pictures because I want them all up here. I don't want to look like I am spamming but I want them to be up here. Besides that, it's horrible to have them all zoom in due to the flaws. ( my tummy)



Sorry for the spam.

But I believe you can see how much I've enjoyed myself, right?




lol, bye!