Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tray Cafe.

Have been hearing good reviews about Tray Cafe for their good food and reasonable price. Taking note that this cafe closes at 5pm everyday. So beware of the time if you want to pay a visit to this place at Plaza Damas.

It's a small cafe , and if you didn't pay attention you might just walk pass it. 

And the home feels interior they have. It was really comfortable. It makes me so lazy once I'm in. 

It was our super late lunch so we got a little bit greedy when ordering. God, my friends and I eat like beasts. 

We ordered teatime set and 2 mains - which was sufficient for at least 4 or 5 when there's only 3 of us. 

Cappucino in a transparent cup! It's something new because they normally only put tea in a cup.

Tea Time set with complimentary two cups of coffee , two scones , two choices of cake, two hearty sandwiches and short cakes which is only available from 230pm - 5pm. 

I am not a chocolate lover but the chocolate banoffee cake deserved to be promoted. As well as the lemon cheesecake which was soft at the right texture. While for the sandwiches, I chose Roast Beef and Salmon fillings. The Roast Beef ones was superb!

Pumpkin and mushroom pie , and I forget to take the other pie which was Salmon quiche.  It was so good , and the portion is definitely hearty!

Don't ask why my face is getting rounder, please!

to be honest, it was a hearty late teatime/ brunch. 

It was worth every penny spent.

last picture before I sign off,

So, what did you have for tea today?