Wednesday, July 23, 2014

myElephant Thai.

This is an overdue post which I left it in my draft. I think this is almost three months back, but it'll never be too late to tell you guys about good food.

Anyone like Thai food?

Unless you can't tolerate with eating spicy , tom yam soup is the best soup based ever. 

I've finally try myElephant Thai restaurant , which have branches at isolated place. Their marketing concept of opening the restaurant at isolated place is definitely successful. Despite their weird locations, a lot of people travel there to have a good taste of this fusion thai food. I'm sure that it was as authentic as the ones you eat in Thailand, but it's more than good for the price you are paying in the restaurant. Talking about this, it made me realized that it was so difficult for us to find this place. 

Simple menu ,

and I wouldn't want to elaborate more because the food was superb. I need to show you the pictures right now. 

Tom Som
 which is simple based lime herb soup featuring seafood. It didn't taste that great since the flavouring is for those who couldn't take super spicy tom yum . 

Gaeng Keow Wan,
which means green curry in thai. I 200% recommend this dish because this is the best green curry I ever had. It goes so well with the brown rice they serve. However , the portion is ridiculously small for a group of 5 . I think this standard portion is for a group of 3-4 at most, so take note of your orders for this yummy dish.

Tom Yum,
which was so yummy. The milk was sufficient enough to bring out the taste of the herb aroma. Of course, it was spicy but the taste was at the right point as it's not that sour. The other thai restaurant I went always have a sour soup based more than spicy ones, spoiling the whole thai dish. Instead of the meat, we chose seafood too. 

Gai Tod Gratiam Pik Thai
which is fried chicken with thai crush peppercorn. It's nice to have boneless chicken, tho. 

Khai Jiao,
which is Thai Style Fried Egg with Assorted Vegetable and Herbs which was really nice. However, this portion is definitely too adorable for the price. But, there's no regrets. 

Snow Fish,
which was just fish coated with salt. It wasn't my taste of dish because it's too salty. But the texture of the fish was good. 

Plah Ka Pong Tod Nam Plah,
 which is deep-fried fish with thai sauce which I really think is ten times better than snow fish, even if snow fish is the signature dish. Since the share the same price, the next time I return will be this choice. 

I could say that myElephant serves one of the best thai food I've eaten these years. Of course, you can compare to the authentic dish I had in bangkok. Despite the price was slightly higher than other places, it's worth it. 

Trust me, it's definitely worth it.

Super unglam picture , tho.

I think instead of saliva dripping infront of the computer, you should go satisfy your cravings for thai food.

logging off with a hungry stomach , x .