Thursday, March 1, 2012

You left them running through my head.

Just another quick and short update before I go and read some econs. I have a test tomorrow and I had a week but as usual, I didn't even study anything yet. Econs is really hard for me, other than maths. I swear, from the beginning till the end..I am totally blank.

Last friday,
I had a small gethering with ze old classmates.

I'm really lazy to elaborate. Oh well, it's just a short update after all.

I only remembered that we had a really good dinner at Italiannies! I will never get over their salmon fettuccine and their ham and cheese pizza. It's a must for me to order when I get there. I strongly prefer italiannies than TGIF. Everything in TGIF look so red and all. Almost all their dishes are in red. Totally crazy. 


Not to forget,
it's Febri's birthday that day too! (:

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures.

I believe that this is how good my front camera can go.already ):

two more camwhore shots.


wish me luck ):