Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Kitchen Table.

More foodie post because the only thing I did for the past 2 weeks was eating. I can't believe I've break all my rules for these two weeks and eat without actually caring. I guess after this, it's time for realization - which is the gym. 

Before so, let's talk about supper.

Heading to the Kitchen Table for supper. 

It was supposed to be dinner but we dragged it a little later. It's really hard to call the meal at 930pm, dinner.

While waiting for food~

I look like a pao , god.

Was trying to make the whole combination to look a little healthier with that plate of salad. I think it's not supper, it's dessert time. 

Citrus Salad.

 My face literally went from ^_^ to -.- in a second when it's presented infront of me. Not to mention that the portion is disappointing. The weird taste of the citrus with olive oil doesn't go together with the squid ink which is hot. It's supposed to taste refreshing but it makes me fall into a dilemma of thinking that this is a normal squid dish or cold salad. And really, I actually paid rm24 for oranges wtf. 

Creme Brulee.

This was really good. The texture and moist of the brulee was at the middle point. I even like how the side biscuits tastes like. This made up for the sad salad. 

For all the chocolate lovers. 

I only ate the biscuit on top which is ridiculously yummy. They exaggerated it claiming that it's heaven so I supposed that this dessert good. 

Cappucino, which was only okay. 

I wish I actually arrived earlier so I could taste the large plates which was already sold out. They said that their large plates for sharing is incredible unfortunately, we miss this chance. I can't wait to return to have a good dinner here - and no, no more citrus salad. 

We had a good night catching up to.

Let me end the post with a picture.