Monday, July 21, 2014

The Brew Culture.

I put both hands up and shout , " I care."

Being caffeine addict is doing me no good. I could now just take black coffee alone. I read an article telling that black coffee helps to burn calories so I've decided to try to out. It was bitter and taste pretty bad at first, but slowly I get to like it. Perhaps that's what a freshly brew cup of coffee come from before adding anything in. I am glad that I could now enjoy it. 

Decided to spend our Monday afternoon at The Brew Culture to cure our Monday blues. 

I was astonished by the vintage themed interior. It's comfortable and basic. But not basic enough to unable us to see the details of the effort they put in. Every display matches with the decoration. The setting was comfortable. I'm really pleased it wasn't hot even if the sun right though the glass windows. 

Well, this part didn't matches the vintage themed on the other side. Either way, the coordinate it really well.

Vintage , no?

Panaroma view. It's really pretty. 

Didn't want to have anything despite they have good reviews for the cakes so we just sips on teas and fix our caffeine addiction. 

Cappucino was really good. It's not strong , and not too mild either. The texture was good. Perhaps they steam the milk really well. 

Rose Chrysanthemum tea for two. 

I like transparent things, hahaha. I like how the keep the pot of tea heated so it don't turn cold. Unless it's meant to be , if not cold teas are awful.

yes, it was that good. 

It's really sweet but the scent was totally opposite from how it tasted like. Not to mention that it helps to quench thirst. 

Were catching up about their lives abroad , together with uno cards. Not to mention that I was complaining that I have nothing to post on instagram. 

It was a relaxing Monday, and I seldom go out on Mondays. I don't know why I always feel extra tired on that day itself so I never tend to make plans with my friends. Oh well, I didn't regret my decision anyways.

need hair touch up again, sigh.

oh well, how's your monday everyone?