Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cava, Bangsar.

Visited Cava for Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine the other night with friends , which is actually my seniors from high school. It's irony how we don't speak to each other in high school, and now being all close. I guess, you just get closer to people you spend your teenage years with, even if you don't speak. 

Was supposed to be in Leornado's but I didn't make bookings so , I suggested Cava as they claimed that the food is great. 

I appreciate restaurant with this kind of interior. It's not exactly romantic, but the lights are dim enough to ease awkwardness. Of course, there's no room of being awkward between us because we talk way too much. It's a good place for dinner for two person *raise brow*

Guess what I see on the first page of the menu,

Oh yes.

I totally get you.

Getting serious with their phone to check their results online. 

Complementary starters ; tomato bruschetta  

I heard that they serve different starter each day. I guess it was a lucky day as we got bruschetta because they normally serve potato wedges and baguettes. 

Prawns a la Plancha tapas .

I give this dish a 10/10. The bread taste so amazing when it's dipped with the rosemary and olive oil. Not to mention that, it was sizzling hot so everything was perfecto. Even if the dish is a little small, but it's really good. 

Pollo Paella .

A spanish meal will never be complete without Paella, no?

Alright, this look horrible.

Let me try again.

Cava's Specialty Arroz Negro.

It's a must try in Cava. Personally, I like it better compared to the other Paella. It's really rare to find good squid ink paella around, and I reckon that this will be one of the best. I totally love the sour cream they provide that goes so well with paella. 

Please order this.

And for dessert , we had to wait for 25 minutes. 

Chocolate Dream.

Just like how the name goes , it's all chocolate. It's chocolate lava cake with white chocolate sauce as the base. I am not a fan, but the other three was give thumbs up for this. I think the while chocolate sauce was really nice. Yes, I tasted it because I need to know why they take 25 minutes for this. Apparently, they bake it on the spot so for rm16 and 25 minutes, it's definitely worthy enough. 

Dessert appreciation picture.


more pictures ,

Loving this picture!

The night ended with laughters. 

It was a great wednesday night.