Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas 2015.


Last year Christmas, I am still home - attending an open house party and have Christmas brunch with a friend. This year, it's a whole new experience because I am in the UK. 

Christmas is a real deal here - and I love how I see people in Christmas jumpers on the streets the whole December. The Christmas vibe is so strong that it drags me in the mood. 

I have a few events ( mostly, involving food & turkey) for Christmas. I celebrated Christmas the whole week through with different people. 


Homemade Christmas dinner with my Hull girlfriends. 

I cannot emphasize how glamorous it was. We had a 6kg large turkey which we did the stuffing ourselves. 


Esther's socks with slippers, lol.

This is the messy process which took us a while. I remember how we stare at the naked big bird, unable to deal with it for a while. 


Pesto Penne - It's up here because I think that this is a foodporn picture.


I've never been so proud and happy for food. We made it all!



The girls.

After a bottle of vodka or two, we get too know each other's dirty little secrets more. It was a fun night. 


Impromptu trip to Reading. 

Spot the Christmas tree. 

I've always wanted a Christmas tree at home when I am little. However, my family do not celebrate Christmas. This is kinda a wish come true - just that the presents under the tree ain't for me. 


The Wreath Box from Hotel Chocolat .

I love the salted caramel ones which is in snowflake form. However, I only had a tiny pieces because I am not a fan of chocolate. 
I will also never spend so much on a box of chocolate because I don't know how to appreciate it.


Lovely mid-week morning. 

Traveled to the posh area, Henley on Thames for Christmas Lunch with my aunt and her friends. She wanted me to tag along to experience the traditional dish of Christmas. 



The Little Angel , is where we had our lunch. 



I was paying attention throughout when someone is explaining how the tradition goes. I never thought that I look so blur when I pay attention.

And I had a yummy three course meal Christmas lunch with generous portion.


Game Terrine , Fig Chutney & toasted Brioche

Pate is currently my favourite choice of starter. Used to be a soup, but now I take things more solidly. 


Roasted Norfolk Black Free Range Turkey with Chestnut stuffing, Pigs in Blankets & Turkey Gravy

I chose the traditional dish instead. For Christmas, Turkey and Pigs in Blanket is a must. The Chestnut Stuffing is definitely not for me. However, I love how the roasted turkey isn't dry. Thumbs up for the homemade gravy.


Random Roasted Parsnips and Potato side dish photo, lol.


Baked Apple stuffed with Mincemeat & Honey, topped with Vanilla Ice-Cream

The apple is little sour but overall, it blended very well with the sweetness of ice-cream. Usually, I see pears on the dessert menu and it turn out really sweet. As for this, the apple and ice-cream blended very well. 


Random mirror snap in the pink toilet they have. It's so cute!


Visited the famous Burger&Lobster with my friends on Christmas eve for lunch.

I suggested this place because I just need to know the hype about it. Tbh, it didn't meet my expectations. However, the price for a whole lobster were worthy. I don't think I can find any place that serve a full lobster with that kind of price. Perhaps, I will try out their burger next time - I heard too many good reviews of it.

Random confession : I love the salad sides that comes with it. 




And to Winter Wonderland at night. 

It was freezing and I'm in dress and tights. I hate how I always choose to put my health in risk to look nice - but I can't help it. 


*searching for signal*

Just joking, I was on snapchat - my snap username is : limcarmenxo

I love both of the candid picture of mine.



Loving the atmosphere here. 



Instead of eating out, we decided to stay home the whole day on Christmas. There isn't any transport and everything is going to be double, maybe triple the price. 

I suggested to stay in.

And look at the brunch we had - we even have homemade cheesecake , lol.



I have a thing for pretty packaging.


We also made dinner - with mixed beans,roasted turkey breast, parsnips , roasted aubergine and my favourite paella. 




Yeap, I have a sexy blue leopard printed sleeping pants. 

I'm sorry, the only effort I wanna put in is drawing my eyebrows. 


Christmas this year looks simple, but somehow more eventful than I thought. It's nice to have friends to celebrate occasions together. 

I feel more than just glad to have so many things going on , on my winter holidays.

I hope that you are enjoying yours too.

It's so late - but Merry belated Christmas and Happy belated New Year.

cheers x.