Thursday, June 5, 2014

Meltz Cafe, ss15.

Cheers to people in Subang that they have a new place in town, serving good yummy waffles. I don't know where to find waffles other than A&W which I think serve the best , and still the best in my list. Sometimes I even drive all the way down to KL for waffles , because I crave for it so much. But now I don't need to travel far because ss15 is just ten minutes away from my house or less ( without jam ._. ) 

Meltz Cafe is located at ss15 , which is at the same of row with the famous pork noodle.

From the pictures, you can see how cozy it is inside. The lights might be a little too dim at most areas but there is also area at the corner which is shown in the second picture - there have comfortable sofas which is good for studying. I think it would be a great place to study too as it's quiet. 

Menu on the wall.

The lightning was pretty bad since I wanted the couch seat, and thus this is what I have in return. But the waffles look very yummy - no?

Super yummy mango smoothie.


Cabonara topped with sausages. 

Fruit Waffle with Maple Syrup , for me. 

They ran out of peanut butter and chocolate is always a no no.

Then, with chocolate syrup.

You can see that the portion is pretty hearty. I couldn't finish one waffle and was too stingy to share one waffle either. 

NO ONE SHARES WAFFLES because it's TOO awesome!!

and here is me with my hair all pin up because this waffle date was spontaneous , lol.

fake candid.

And a super unglam photo of me that I decided to put it up on the net. Not to mention that there's no make up. 

Nothing beats a good waffle date.