Monday, June 2, 2014

Cosans Coffee.

If you've been following me on social media , it's no surprise that I tweet about how much I need coffee or wanting to try new cafes. I post pretty coffee art pictures from time to time as appreciation towards the hard work of barista designing my coffee art. 

I'm hooked with caffeine ever since a levels where I couldn't even sleep because there's too much to do. And ever since then, I slowly appreciate them by spending alot of money for a cup of good coffee.

anything for a cup of coffee.

There's too many cafes and coffee shop mushrooming around - no matter in which area and it's hard to determine which serve the best coffee . Also, it's difficult for me to try them all and determine which one is my favorite and which is the best. All of them play the same strategy of marketing which honestly attract me alot - for example, their cozy interior and their style of making a cup of coffee.

No matter what, the best is always the quality.

Cosans Coffee , 
isn't a foreign name because it's definitely one of the most recommended place. 

Their first branch is located at ss15 but I never had a chance to try them out . Now, they have their second branch at Solaris Mont Kiara which is somewhere that I always visit to catch up with my friends. That wasn't the only thing I'm glad about. I was also invited to their opening in Solaris to understand the concept of Cosans - which does not only involves good quality coffee , but good sandwich and concept of art which is futuristic. 

Much feels.

I was given a complimentary drink and of course, I'll stay close to Cappucino. 

You can see how thick the foam is, and you then know how long they steam the milk and so. I do not add sugar to my coffee , and I could say that it was overall moderate. It's not too thick nor too mild , which is nice. It's a personal reference. To be honest, it's one of the best Cappucino. 

and of course, 

they have their famous sandwiches in different kinds of healthy bread.

I had a taste of it myself, and really - it was good. Very fresh. The choice of bread was nice. Everyone do like things that gives you a varieties , no?

Sorry, just had to.

I've listened through the lecture about Cosans. I like how the owner want to market Cosans as our own Malaysian brand coffee just like the international brand, Starbucks. I pretty sure that it'll work out with the quality of coffee and food they offered. 

Cosans doesn't only satisfy your taste buds , but giving you a lifestyle which you should adapt to. You don't only need to work hard in your life , you also deserve to enjoy the best quality to everything in life even if it's just a cup of necessity through the day.

I like how they let consumers feel that , noone should settle down with anything less than they deserve. 

With the great opening, the famous were there and I got lucky to have a picture with them.

Amber Chia.

Jane Chuck.


Attending the opening doesn't only let me have a taste of Cosans , about their food and beverages. It also educate me about how the coffee bean works and how they make their cakes and sandwich. I'm not completely devoted to coffee , but Cosans sure trigger my interest out with that.

This is their motto , printed at the back of every worker's shirt. And now, I truly understand them.

The concept of Cosans is marvellous and their coffee is worth a try. I'm not promoting but merely stating out facts. I guess, you just need to head there to find out all these goodness yourself.

And lastly, 

I'm believing in great coffee of Cosans.

thanks for having me there.