Monday, June 30, 2014

Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf.

And hi, that's me being shy.


I've realized how many food posts I have been doing lately, and that's all my life is about currently. All about eating, and non-stop eating. 

I've finally visited three little pigs and big bad wolf , which was a hype around the town for their two sides menu. Naming three little pigs in the day , and once the sun set , they offer another menu named big bad wolf. 

I visited there for dinner so I got big bad wolf.

Based on what's on the menu, their main attractions are the burgers. I'm pretty sure it's a good place for pork and burger lovers. 

We have Wild Mushroom Soup at rm15 , as the appetizer which was genuinely done. It's not readily made mushroom soup. I could even taste the bits of mushroom. The creaminess of the soup is just nice. 

Big Bad Burger at RM 32.

Mighty Piggy Burger , at RM 28.

this was our overall order.

Not to mention that the portion is bigger than I expected. It's a no way that a girl could finish one whole main dish (burger) by herself so I suggest that this should be a sharing meal . Of course to keep your tummy completely satisfied, you have to order appetizer. 

It's a very short update today .

I need a camera.

okay bye.