Sunday, June 22, 2014

Miam Miam

This is an overdue post about my visit to Miam Miam at One Utama because it has been almost a month ago. I've always wanted to visit this place for the desserts because the french toast pictures on instagram is too tempting.

So I made Yixin accompany me there , since we have plans to ou on her birthday.

I think it's a waste for them to have limited spaces for people to dine in. They do not have big tables to fit a family more than 5, and we are lucky that we arrived early. We didn't need to queue and was attended immediately because apparently during lunch time and after, the line goes crazy. So you guys better take note of your time if you want to pay Miam Miam a visit.

This is heaven , I swear.

Famous French Toast at RM16.80

I could say that this french toast is good. Every pieces is fried thoroughly. By the way, that isn't vanilla ice cream but their special made cream which was amazingly yummy. It's not as moist as those we normally have. The texture is a little bit more solid and rougher. After coating the whole dish with honey, it was a perfect match.

I recommend this!

Macha Souffle at RM 16.80

I personally like this more. To be honest, how can you even say no to green tea?! Yixin and I loved this alot more compared to the french toast even if it's good. It tastes a little like kaya ball but rich in green tea flavor. I like how it's soft inside and a little cripsy on the outside. 

If I were to return, this is a must order!

This is me with the french toast because it looks that good in pictures.

Hi, Yixin!

The boys came a little later with balloons to surprise the birthday girl and we are glad that she is happy with our surprise.

ending this post with this picture because it's too lovely,

Happy Birthday ( even if this post is totally delayed)