Saturday, April 30, 2016

Same Heart.

There are some days that I just lie on my bed and let my mind run wild. I know that this is really inappropriate to be happening right now because my exams are just around the corner, but I am easily distracted. 
Instead of reading things that I am bound to read for exams, I read articles and stories by amazing authors. From their writings, it triggers the other side of me because I'm totally affected. 

You see, 
sometimes words are so strong that it easily hits the right spot of your heart. 

Being away from home makes me reflect on myself a lot. I realized that there are some things which I used to think that is rather important doesn't matter much to me now - no matter if it is people or things that I used to do back home. It's funny how these few months of being alone and surrounded by new circumstances have changed my attitude and perspectives towards certain things. 

Of course, I want to improve and present the better me to the people that matter. That would only be my thinking because we could never clearly walk into other people's mind. There are some things that we tend to keep to ourselves despite how close we are to our family and friends. Everyone has their secrets so do I.

While we keep thinking that some people are important , they might not think the same. Not everyone has the same heart as you do.

Because in the end, 
Who really cares anyway?