Friday, June 13, 2014

Thirty8, Grand Hyatt.

 I guess last month was a really happening month because when I open up my purse, I feel like crying. Alright it wasn't that bad but still, I'll need to cut down on shopping.

On Elvin's birthday after dinner, we decided to have desserts and wine. I wanted night view so we all head to Grand Hyatt which is the nearest from where we have dinner at. And also, it's only place we could thought of with good desserts , ambiance and the view which I emphasize on.

It's not my first time here , but this time we ordered more desserts and opened a bottle of wine.

life is good. 

And I should introduce you the desserts we ordered .

Crepe, roasted banana, sesame tuile, banana ice cream at RM20.

which was amazingly good, I say. The crepe was savoury thus the taste is as good when it comes with the banana ice-cream. The sweetness hit the right spot.

THIRTY8 signature cake at RM 25

It's Elvin's birthday , so this is his birthday cake. We didn't sing for him because we feel so shy singing with such beautiful and calming ambiance. The caramel is too sweet, and this is not my cup of tea.

Straight from the oven chocolate cake, raspberry sherbet, vanilla anglaise sauce at RM 25

It's lava cake and everyone was eyeing on this dish but I always say no to chocolate. However, the sherbet was nice. 

THIRTY8 dessert selection platter for 2  at RM40

I think this set is too filling, even if the combination is right. The ice cream of the day was good, so as the pie. The crepe was a little hard and too sweet for my liking. This might not be a choice again, the next time I visit. 

Not sure what wine it was but it's good , not too mild or sweet. 

And then, we take selfie with the twin towers. 

The view was beautiful. Sadly, we couldn't get a table next to the window. The table by the window simply couldn't fit all of us because it's a table for two. So if you people want to visit with your other half, it's better to do a booking first requesting for the table by the window.

It was a great night.

It has been a while since I've night like this. Desserts, wine and beautiful night view doesn't sums up everything. Of course, you need to have good companion. It was good getting knowing each other. 

I'd wish you are having a great night like me too.