Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bread Fruits.

Cheers to my bareface because I was that lazy. I just got discharged from the hospital because I was really ill - down with fever and all sorts of stuff so I stayed there for a week.

Oh at least, I got my jawline back. 

Since I'm still sick, Kev brought me to this super healthy place located at Sri Hartamas. Bread Fruits , is a now one of famous place for brunch. But I visited them around 3-4pm so there's no queue. It was actually pretty empty. 

It's totally healthy here because every ingredients is fresh , and made when we place our orders. I guess this would be a good place for someone who wanna lose weight. 



#kevgotswag , lol.

here is me , in his raybans looking really pale.

Alright, here comes the food pictures.

you can see how good there are from this. 

Sandwich with fruits , which is RM19.90 .

I know that it's pretty overpriced for such a combo, but every bite you take is mouthful and guilty-less. 

Brunch pasta with 7min egg, at RM 17.90

I think this is a good dish , paired with sauteed mushrooms, tomamtoes , bacons. It's really filling, and to be honest, I think the portion is big. I can't even finish one. And also, the 7 min egg is just as good as you imagine. The egg is cooked well , and it made the pasta extra yummy by mixing them!

I forget to take the drink's photos because we were too excited to taste if it's fresh. The price range is from rm7-12 and all freshly made.

This is definitely a place I'll return , probably with the girls.

have a healthy brunch!