Friday, June 27, 2014

Inside Scoop.

To be honest, I agree with the quote.

It doesn't only applies on ice cream, it applies on every dessert. Who doesn't have a second stomach for dessert right?

I have hearing about this homemade ice cream. It's freshly made , and the texture of the ice cream is good. I just need to witness how good it is , because alot of people seemed to be exaggerating it. So, I headed to Inside Scoop to see if it's that good. 

oh yes, give me more.

Super cute handwritten menu on the blackboard! 

Don't mind this picture. I visited the place at 5pm. So most of them looks like they have been through war, looking like a mess- nothing left. 

Ordered a double scoop ice cream with waffle to share .

Cempedak and Pistachio Flavour.

I swear that the Cempedak one was awesome. The texture of the ice cream is smooth. You can totally taste that there's not artificial flavours in it. This is definitely a great second stop for dessert. 

Hello Crystal!

Oh well, there's always a room for ice cream so have one after your meal.