Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flat White, SS15 #2

This is the second time I visit Flat White at ss15. I never thought that I would come back as I think that it's pretty overpriced with the quality of cakes they serve. However, the coffee quality is much to my satisfaction. Of course, just like the name of the cafe - Flat white is good. Like, reaaaally good. 

I came back because I've heard that they change their menu, and finally offer brunch which Subang is lacking the most. It's difficult to find a place to serve a nice brunch in Subang, and sometimes you just get too lazy to drive to somewhere far. 

I've notice the change in interior of Flat White. Maybe the last time I visited , they were not ready. 

Course mates ; too funny !

Their menu is so pretty. 

I like how they designed it like the Straits newspaper with minor description of how each dish is. Not to mention, I always love menus with pictures to give idea of how the dish is. They offer squid ink pasta for dinner which grab my attention. That'll be another reason for me to return. 

And Ryan took so many pics of me looking at the menu :p

The menu is really eye-catching ok!

And now...

but first, coffee.

Instead of flat white, I go with my normal cappucino this time. It's good enough or I was in a good mood. 

Finally the food.

North Glenmorangie which is just tomatoes with omelette on top of the toast. 

That didn't matter until it's RM21 which I think, is seriously overpriced. 

Egg Atlantic , RM 16 which was really nice and hearty in portion. I think it's really filling.

And I ordered big breakfast, but I didn't took picture of it. 

Here is me and ryan with our big breakfast at RM23 which is super worth it! 

I promise that it's better than antipodean's one. They have more varieties too. 

And before I end, I won't miss out a picture with me holding a cup of coffee.

It might not be the best I've tried, but definitely worth trying out for the Big Breakfast!