Monday, April 14, 2014

Supreme x Champion Satin Jacket

I don't usually do fashion post , and I think it takes alot of time and effort because I'm as lazy as *insert the laziest thing you know* . But the other day, I just get hardworking because I love the jacket alot .

I don't really buy street style clothes because I am not sure how to pull it off so it doesn't look like I am wearing my PJs. I am really jealous of the girls that can pull off oversize tee and sneakers. Oh well, the sadness of not having nice legs. 

Supreme ,
 is one of my favorite brand. 

Supreme is a brand from New York, which has the same age as me . They started from year 1994 and now, still going on strong. I know that people talk about A&F , Hollister when it comes to US brands especially basic tees. I prefer Supreme the best out of all of them. 

I really like it when Supreme collaborates with different brands , and release designs in quotas. It's pointless to spend so much and see everyone having the same tee. Besides quality , quantity do matters - in this way.

Oh well, my concept towards that didn't matter .

I did a mini shoot with Supreme x Champion Satin Jacket . 

Tell me the jacket is beautiful. 

But unfortunately, the weather in Malaysia doesn't allow us to wear thicker varsity jackets. 

Incase you think I'm naked ,

This outfit goes well with a pairs of sneakers and I don't think I am suitable in sneakers.

I have never do such street style before because I think I can't pull it off . But I think, I at least don't look awkward here. So, tell me about your opinions. 

I think a nice basic jacket is a must in your wardrobe because it's easy to match. 

It could go with 

Tank top + shorts + sneakers 

Tshirt + skinny jeans + heels

Mini dress + sneakers

Oversize shirt + shorts + sneakers

I could list out a few more coordinate but it's almost repetitive. Thus, you would need to use your imagination to match the four basic coordinates I have with the jacket you have.

till then.