Sunday, April 20, 2014

Caffe Bene.

Caffe Bene has been a hype ever since it first arrive Malaysia , where the first outlet is located at Sunway Pyramid. The queue is always crazy and so, I'm glad that they opened their second outlet in Solaris. Even if there is a queue , it was bearable unless you decided to visit them on weekends or at night.

I've been to Caffe Bene more than once thus, there are a few items for me to review.

Bingsu, is famous in Korea for the dessert section. 

Cookies and Cream Bingsu , which is red bean topped with shaved ice , ice cream and generous amount of whipped cream ( oh my god) . 

They have in two size - regular and large. Regular is sufficient for 3 person , and the large could feed almost 5-6 person unless you eat like a dino ( like me).  The regular ones is at the price of RM 10.80. 

Matcha Bingsu , which was a little sweeter but still good. This have to be a sharing portion because it's too sweet. I like the generous amount of nuts they have on top. 

Honey Bread , which was really good . It's at the price of RM15 which is considered pretty pricey for a piece of thick toast . It's really filling thus, it'll be worth it if you have this as lunch .

They also have the garlic topping for honey bread which is savoury . I think it'll be more preferable compared to the one in the picture above. 

Gelato Waffle , which is at RM 15. 

The portion is extremely unacceptable for the price but the waffle is really good - heavenly crispy. 

This is such a bad picture of me, but I needed my face with these goodness.

I can't wait for the opening of the the third outlet in the new mall near my uni , located right beside Digital Mall. 

sweet dreams.