Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trigger your childhood memories

We all grow up in different environment and definitely, our childhood story is different. The happiest time I have in my childhood is buying new toys , and visit fast food stores. I'm brought up by my grandma so she normally don't allow us to have unhealthy meals.  I guess the quote of ' what you can't always get is the best'.

It's almost rare to see A&W around, as there are so many of the outlets closing down. I'm so glad that I found one of the oldest and biggest outlet in PJ which is open 24/7 .

Does it bring back all your childhood memories?

That's me spilling the rootbeer all over the table. 

I was overexcited , oh well.

The best waffle is always ;

the one from A&W no matter how many varieties of waffle they have out there. 

It's really nice to go back to a place where it brings back the memory of all the innocence you once have. 

This is something that I treasure the most when I grew up.