Saturday, November 30, 2013

Perception & Thoughts.

Just like any other normal person, I always hated Sundays because it's a reminder of us that tomorrow we will get back to work, to school or to something that we are definitely not looking forward to unless you have any other special event . Some people mark Sunday as the beginning of the week and some mark them as the last day of the week ; for me , it really didn't matter because tomorrow I'll still need to drag myself up to something I don't look forward to the next day.

I think alot , alot more than any other person does - other than being on holidays for too long, I have always been thinking alot even if I have something occupied. 

And out of these thinking which normally does no good, sometimes it brings to another level of understanding . I can't say that I'm VERY good at reading people, or stand at people's side and think but I'm sure that I could do better than 6 out of 10 people out there.

I think it's pretty unfair for someone to judge another person based on their perception in life which is not the same with the other. Different people have different perception of thinking ; in being successful , happy or ridiculous over little tiny whiny matters.  Just like , some people think passing a grade is good enough and some think wants a result in flying colours , or some people think being able to finish a book in a day is a contentment and some would like to finish a tv series .
The most realistic example is , some people think that having a professional degree is going to have much more in life than those who just literally graduated from highschool.

I couldn't say it's wrong to have your own ground to stand on of what is right and what is wrong. I just think it's very unfair to judge people by academic results in overall. I am not defending because my results are not in straight As. I am just feeling unfair for those who never see how much one put in effort to reach what they are having. Some people might not have a good brain so they put extra effort in what they do , so I think they deserve this. I think people who works hard deserve everything they have and it's respectful. & of course, the results on the paper which get you a job is important but having that piece of paper doesn't mean you could look down on people who don't own it - because , people have different dreams and want. Maybe getting a job , leading a simpler life is one of their dreams.

They say the winner in the society are those who is highly educated , and those who are working in a professional field and that's why my fam is pushing me to head for a professional degree , because they think not having one couldn't be working out in this society - and I agreed. 
it doesn't mean those who don't have as much as education than those professionals don't deserve to live. I see how hard my family struggled through work , because most of them don't speak perfect fluent english and most of them are drops out due to family problem. But look at me now, I grew up completely fine and blessed because of their hard work. I'm truly blessed , being able to study through and live without worries.

It's never wrong having your opinions, but it's also not right to stick on your own opinions. Sometimes, it's nice being straightforward but when being too blunt and crossing overboard of hurting another's feelings is unnecessarily stupid. 

Everyone have feelings. Words Hurt. 

We think before walk. & yes, everyone judges but doesn't have the right to comment and made sure the other person agree. I might not agree but I respect because that's the least I could do for.

I'm saying this in a third party view.

& honestly if they want to find which kind of people excel in life, 
it will be judge by the figures on their saving books in the end of the day.