Monday, November 18, 2013


I have been spending quite alot of time alone in a coffee shop , reading books particularly John Green's.

And I don't understand why they think that is weird , or boring. Or maybe , it's just because I do not have a habit of reading since last time. I didn't find the enjoyment of reading but now, I do.

It's nice to get lost in the world of books, feel the characters - their emotions, feelings through the writing of someone . When the book close , the sadness and pain you feel for the characters will be gone so as , the happiness. But in reality , it will remain there forever like a scar.

If your world is too hectic , pick up a good book and read. Get lost in a moment , and not to be yourself in your own identity. Sometimes people want to escape to be found.

Get a good cup of coffee , and read.

You know you deserve this bliss of enjoying peace , love.