Saturday, December 7, 2013


I just reach home from HK approximately 3 hours ago , and I can't sleep despite feeling exhausted. There's not alot of feelings other than feeling exhausted. Maybe emptiness fill in between the blanks. I am not sure. Not exactly lost or sad that this trip is over , this 6 long days is too much and also , too little. I learn that not everyone could understand how I would feel in my position despite me trying to tell them, and also learn that who could put up with my nonsense and who couldn't. I feel grateful for those who are patient , and disappointment that those who I expected alot from. And you see, a trip would make you learn a whole lot about communicating with people - not your family whom always put up to you. i'm glad that everyone enjoy the trip and thankful of these 6 days of realization about how things should be and how things should not. 
I  may not get the answer I want and demanded of through out everything , some are expected and some are not. Either way, I'm grateful that it answers all my doubts and answer all my question that I always had in mind.Now I know who matter and who don't. 

Look at the night view , it's beautiful -isn't it?