Friday, November 15, 2013

Not a full stop .

I just realized that I always forget to take photos , or maybe too shy to take photos during huge gatherings. And, gatherings is usually held at night so we only have maximum three hours during dinner. Three hours is not enough for eating, catching up and lastly, taking photos. Sometimes, we got too caught up with things that forget to do so. 

Personally, I think taking photos often is good. Like what people say, it's an evidence for memory and also something we could reminisce in future.

The other day , we have a celebration for the november babes from High school. I think it's nice sitting in a long table and see each other after a long time. ( btw, we graduated from high school for 2 years old - incase you assumed that I'm a 25) 

We settled down at Alexis in Bangsar for KW, ST and Bernice's birthday.

Prince Jeffrey aka KW. 

I like that bow, a lot tho .

We have the same name except for our first name , no joke. 

I think it's still irony to call someone who have the same name as yourself ; it's as if you are calling yourself.


Sadly, this is the only presentable picture we have that night because it was all busy ):

KW again :)

We have the same smile ; like literally. I think it's true that people say that if we hang out too much , we will have something in common. For us , the smile we have while camwhoring. 

Solid evidence , of the same smile heh.

It's really nice to catch up once in a while , for a good dinner and dressing nicely all together. Have I mention I always dislike people who doesn't dress up appropriately? I mean, why do you want to meet me with your pajamas in a mall? It makes me feel like you are reluctant to do so. I'm really particular about the dressing part because I think it's a kind of respect you show to the person you are hanging out with. I'm pretty sure you don't want your friend to wear something awful and lazy when he/she come and see you. You would feel that you didn't matter that much to that person, right? You don't need to be in suit or tie , or an evening dress - just don't go out looking lazy. 

Gosh, I think I'm over particular about this. 

Oh well, just think about it.

goodnight, love.