Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Food Foundry.

Sometimes, it's funny how things used to be back in highschool. Hell alot of unnecessary dramas is created when things go wrong. To think back, if each of us sat down and take a deep breath - maybe things wouldn't turn ugly. It's really sad to have someone who done so much for you not by your side anymore. 
I'm so glad that I could break through this barrier of ego and dignity with them and meet each other again.

It have been almost 3 years or so since I met up with them girls. They brought me to a new place for brunch , which I've heard about for a quite sometime.

It's funny how they have such cute and pretty place for brunch in the midst of the old flats. I could see a hlaf naked man watching tv from my car lol. I love how they do simple deco interior for this place , with old books , white walls and wooden chairs. It's clean and comfortable.

And here's the food,

Fiona's Burger - which I forget the name . The serving is generous with the price of RM 22.90 . The fries is amazing . I stole from her. I can never say no to fries.

Here is my club sandwich , which is pretty big. I have to separate the sandwich into two, each side because my mouth ain't that big.

I forget about Mel's food.

And most of all,

The crepe cake.

Each of them is RM13.90 per piece. 

Earl Grey Lavender Crepe Cake.

I swear this is damn amazing. I love how mild it taste like. A little hint of lavender with earl grey tea flavoring. It's good. What I'm missing out is a good cup of tea.

Salted Caramel Crepe Cake.

I love the little crumbs on top which is a little salty , pairing with the caramel topping. Gosh, it's heaven.

And us ;

I cannot explain how much I love this pic with Fiona. This is so asian. LOL, the peace pose.

And Mel whom always motivate me of losing weight. I wish that we both could reach our goal soon. You know that it's nice to have someone to feel the same with you in certain things.

It was a good afternoon, I could say. A very good one . Just girls, catch up, stories to laugh at and lastly, very very yummy good food. 

Can't wait for the next.