Monday, November 11, 2013

Cravings for Chinese .

This is a super late post because on this day , I remember I watch THOR. Besides having a movie date, my main concern is to have chinese food that day. I don't think there's authentic ones in the mall besides Dragon-i, which is now I think they depend on MSG too much. It's sad how good restaurants slowly lose their quality in food after a long period. Either way , their paos and dumplings are still good. 

I ordered the plain mee because I know that I couldn't finish the other side dishes. The noodles are still good , but the soup was pretty salty. I didn't bother to finish this though.

This so freaking amazing.

I don't know how to call this in English though. He told me that I could get this for RM5 at normal hawker stall and it's gonna taste so much better than this. I agreed but still, they used to XO SAUCE which I assumed to make it nicer and definitely more exp. 


I have been craving for this for so long! My friends and I used to visit Dragon-i for this for almost every week. 

and lastly, the main point is 


Egg custard bun.

I love this so so so much . If they serve this in any place, I'll order it. Looking at this making me miss dimsum. Can't wait for HK to eat all the good food.

Gosh, look at how the custard flows...

IT'S THAT GOOD, I swear.

Moreover , 
it's only RM 9 for three.


Suddenly, I realized that my blog getting more boring. lol.