Monday, November 4, 2013

Mr & Mrs.

What do you think of my orange lipstick?

It's so sad that now, it's looking all red on me. On the positive side, I look fairer :)


I've finally visit Mr & Mrs Cafe which a super popular place , on instagram. Probably they have decorations for people to camwhore and it doesn't look absurd . That was what I had in mind before I visit them. Honestly, the food was pretty good and price is reasonable . The sad part is, they only open till 5pm. 

I had ,

Cappucino - is a must.

The coffee isn't good though. The coffee art is weak and they only put a shot , so it wasn't enough for me. I'm a caffeine addict , lol.

The Vegan Breakie.

This is big breakfast but without any meat, so it's vegetarian. The amount they give was generous and not to mention, it's good. Actually, already better than antipodean's . Maybe I'm already sick of antipodean. And I totally like the beans in the small cup, lol. It's not the kind of canned beans that normal place serve. This is good. Not to mention, it's only RM18.90.

I think this portion is still too much, but if they give less - I'll think it's not good enough. You know, the feeling of satisfaction the moment you see your food serve right in front of you. I will definitely give -.- face if the portion is small, wtf. 

But this is too good. 


You know, 

Xiu Ming got bangs . 


It have beeen so longggg.

So Mr & Mrs serves nice food but, only okaaay coffee.

till then.