Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

I am not sure if I've mention about I actually bake - of course, not the kind where you can do it so beautifully until it's supposed to be on shelves. If it is, I would have own a bakery already. I just like to make simple things like cookie, muffin or cakes - which of course, do not need any icing or much creaming. I am just to lazy to go to the second level of baking.

I haven't been baking for a quite sometime so the other Sunday, the vibe just came. Not to mention, baking would help you to improve your mood. I was pretty down , so I get all the things out and get to work. It took me around 3 hours to finish the cookies ; but I enjoy every moment of it. 

I guess this is the simplest thing in life.

It rise pretty well - in this case, I call it expand? 

And the outcome ( I did a mini photoshoot with it because it had never been so perfect) 

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie.

I totally love how rough the surface is , and not to mention it's dry enough so it's crunchy. I wanted it to be soft but my family members likes it better chewy and crunchy. The sad part of this cookie is, it's too sweet. I forget that I had semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of the non-sweet one so, I didn't adjust the sugar level. I add generous amount of chocolate chip so, I guess it is too sweet. It will only be balanced up if you had a cup of coffee or milk, if not you wouldn't want to have more than three like this. 

I guess, I need to take note of this the next time. 

It was already late so I chose strawberry milk, instead of coffee to go with it. 

I guess my tea break became my dinner :)

And you're interested, I got the recipe ready below so as the directions! 
Gosh, how nice of me  :p

It make around 48 pieces of cookies for this recipe ( depends on how you size it) . You can adjust the ingredients by knowing how much cookie you wanna make. I suggest to put maximum of 3 cups of sugar (ex , 1 white / 2 brown or vice versa) . Chocolate chip is already enough to bring up the sweetness. Instead of walnuts , I replace it with oat which I like it better.

You can always change it according to your own likings.

I hope you could try this out as well. Tell me if they're good :)