Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coffee Chemistry Signature @SS15

It's great to have sometime for each other despite having busy schedules everyday due to college or uni. I guess, school isn't the term for my friends and I anymore. I'll have to shake off the habit of using that term because in a blink of an eye, we're all turning twenty next year. Compared to aging, I'm afraid if I'm going to fail in my future. 

I'm lucky enough to have a long break until next year but Xiuming had to suffer through her designing course. As much as I hate to follow instructions , I would still choose to refer to books than cracking my brain to design a project which I have no idea of. Compared to being a professional, I think people who are in the designing field are more amazing. It's nice to have people who make things pretty.

We decided to have lunch at Coffee Chemistry after RR photoshoot . Wanted to have breakfast at The Upstairs Cafe but it's not open. By wasting time thinking where to go, we are already having brunch. 

Why do my green tea latte look like algae here? 

It's pretty good and I don't really order green tea latte unless I have a cup of coffee on the same day. I could take two cups of coffee max a day and in return, I'll need to suffer the very fast heartbeat which will make me feel uneasy. It's crazy how caffeine can work. 

The coffee art is cute tho .

Rose Latte,
which beats my green tea latte flat. It was her choice of drink and really, that girl is pretty good with coffee aside with Bernice. 

I'm going to return for the sake of this . 

Ming's Spicy Carbonara which was okay. 

It's really watery but the taste was great - or maybe, not spicy enough. 

Al- Funghi Mushroom Olio Pasta ,
which is always my choice in Coffee Chemistry. It's in olive oil texture and drier than the normal Aglio Olio. It's so good with mushrooms, and I like mushrooms. Besides that, the calorie count is lower. 

ps. Try to avoid cream based or carbonara sauce if you're planning to lose some weight.

Winking with my food for instagram but I forget to post. 

What are you doing, Ming?

I really love this picture alot. We are so happy and carefree.

More peace.

We do take alot of good pictures together.