Saturday, November 23, 2013

PLOY @ Work Clearwater.

I guess most of you guys who love fusion dining or dining with good ambiance have heard of Ploy @ Clearwater . I suggested this place for Jacinth's birthday because I'm being all selfish wanting to try out this place - 1) They have squid ink pasta which I'm dying to try. 2) It's pretty in pictures. 3)  It's just pretty.

And we have a hard time to find this place because it's pretty hidden. The ambiance is much to my expectation and I really love how quiet it is. I enjoy the beauty of silence , which people call them awkward moments . 

We even ordered a bottle of red wine ... then I pour it over my chanel, ha ha ha. ):


The squid ink pasta was just fine and I hear that there are better ones around. My friends told me that my lips went black, so as my teeth . Really, this is not recommend for the first date but my friends and I have zero reputation so ...yeah.

I like the portion , which the boys is complaining that it's too small for them. In another thought, I think it's not worth it to pay that price for such little portion. 

And more pictures taken that night after a whole full of laughter and catch up ,

Loving this picture because our smile is so wide. 

And a pathetic group picture because noone else send me the others. Besides that, they are all taken with Polaroid.

It was a good night though. 

I don't recommend this place if you are big eaters. Maybe you should visit here for the ambiance or when you're on diet. After all, I'm willing for pay small portion of fine food for the ambiance. 

Till then.