Thursday, March 28, 2013


My trials is over today since I've dropped maths.

I know you guys think it's weird that I don't take maths. But really, I can't count. 

Do you know I actually carry a calculator in my bag? HAHAH

this boring blogpost will consist the pictures which is in my phone since forever. Bare the bad quality of iphone4s ok?

And, I tied a korean bun for a random day out with the fam. 

I also can act kewwwt one!:)

Black Sugar Dessert in a dessert shop in taipan. XiuMing brought me here and it taste so damn good, omfg.

This is my snack time.

I was so discipline back then and right now, I'm a mess. 

I was suppose to top it with yogurt but I ran out of yogurt but it still taste as good. 

One of my favorite accessory from Raqul Reed!

My love for skulls and studs is going worse.

Look at my AXQ inspired ring.

Sorry, I can't afford the authentic one.

Totally recommend Tobiko from Quick and Easy. 

This taste so freaking awesome I swear!

Gonna be up on RR soon so stay tuned! :)

The other day, I was pampered for a massage and spa despite having my tort law the next day hahaha. I can't wait to see how bad my result is, really.

K Byye.

That's why my readers left me .