Monday, March 11, 2013

A break

Everyone have their own way of relieving their pressure at the day by doing something peaceful that makes them forget that worries, sorrows and thoughts which bother them. I guess, everyone needs a break - needs a get away from it for a while. It doesn't have to be done physically , like going abroad or on a trip. Sometimes, we just have to find little things that we enjoy to make us relax , care free from anything that bother us. 

Everyone deserve the rest - in mind , spending time alone.

Some of them prefer to sit at home , lie on the couch and do nothing. Some prefer to talk about life with their friends. Some prefer to wait till night time, find a bar with nice music and get a few cups of alcohol to relax themselves. Some head to the club, party hard and get wasted. Some of them just prefer to spend sometime alone, doing things they want living like somebody else. 
Some people just need a cup of good coffee and environment.

There is some days where you just don't want to care , think about things that bother you - give you pressure. There are some days where you want to completely feel nothing - not too happy, not to sad and a little empty. Some days you just want to be alone , thinking the path of your life , things you want to do and make sure there won't be any regrets.

And out of everything I have listed above, I chose to have a cup of good coffee and do my own things. 

There's a new cafe near my college , serving good pastries , westerns and of course , light coffees. Of course, they couldn't be compared to starbucks or dome for their drinks but their interior is beautiful and the food is glad. 
It's just sad that it's not quiet enough for you to relax yourself.

And the other day when I was alone , 
I head there for breakfast.


TBH, I don't know how to pronounce this in real life although I know the spelling. 

Their awesome garden salad with strawberries and raspberries - together with the strawberry topping :)

All time favorite, caramel macchiato .

My breakfast is complete . And they look so pretty :) 

The camwhore pictures weren't from the day I have my breakfast though. I just think that they matches well, so yeah.

And ,
I just went out with a naked eye ( no eyeline and mascara) . 

I can't believe there's people interested in the way I put on my daily make up for outings, lol. Unless we are heading to malls or do something important, if not I wouldn't have any make up on. Who goes to mamak and a random dinner with layers of make up anyway?

Oh well, 
maybe the next time I'll reveal my make up kits for you because I honestly think that my make up sucks . I CAN'T EVEN DRAW MY BROWS PROPERLY ):

have you find a way to relax yourself yet?