Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Class photoshoot with classmates the other day.

Bad hair cut wtf.

I love how they just leave some of my bleached hair on and make it look like there are shades of red between my hair. What is making me upset is my black hair roots are slowly growing back. 

I want my hair to grow longer and I can't stop cutting it.



Our black floral themed outfits are way too matching , look at our haaaair colour also.

The differences is , I look like a giant beside her.

Tell me how to cut down on limbs? ):


I swear that she is the only person who never gives up on me ever since college started. I don't know where her determination come from. Too awesome, I can say.

Both of us change hair colours too often. I look like his mum , lololol.

Emilyyyy /

Jacinth :D

Sorry , our outfits are really niceeeee.

I think this picture is very nice even if it's taken under such awkward situation.

But I'm glad such small argument never changes anything and I would lie if there isn't any silent moments inbetween . That's how things are when things are starting ti get back together right?

And it's sick how people try to make things worse inbetween.

They can't just grow up and mind their own business. I have no idea how angry was I when I saw something they did on purpose to make things worse. I want to pull their hair out , gr. And it's not as if, whatever they say would change my mind from what I believe in.

As you grow up, you know who tell the lies and who tell the truth.

You can talk and lie all you want to other people and make them believe you - tbh, it's not going to change anything because I'm going to look so lowly on you. I just don't know how people can spend so much time bad-mouthing you, ruining your friendship.... all this highschool drama. I really don't know why they don't finish these things in highschool.

I love you long time. It feels good to be forgiven.