Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just another.

This is what I do at the first of march!

Having dins with ze friends for Kevan's 19een. It's amazing how we actually celebrated his birthday at his condo minimum by ransacking his kitchen with failed food then to the club right after and get wasted. Since we partied so hard last year, this year we all go the chill ways. 

It's sad how little people have left in malaysia and how tiny our hang out gang have gotten smaller.

That's the flower pot we all got for him, lol.

So cute , birthday boi.


Totally love this picture because both of our coordinates really match together. 

I should have put on foundation for my eyebags but I was really reaaaaally lazy.

La Bodega was good and unfortunately, didn't manage to try out their soups and settled down with all time favorite Aglio Olio Spaghetti. 

I look so sick and ugly :/ But I only have limited pictures for that night.



How long have it beeen, hmmmm?

This is one of the picture we had that we actually look like we are not being forced to snap a picture like how those times where.

& really,
the thought of growing up scares me.